What are universities peddling these days?

Not much has changed since I was in college. Universities are still pushing the ridiculously unconstitutional notion of speech codes, but if Charles Mitchell is correct, they’ve actually gotten worse. Here is a section of the University of New Hampshire’s sensitivity diktat:
“Cultural Conflicts: includes confrontations, disagreements, and arguments between individuals or groups from different ethnic, racial, religious, cultural backgrounds and/or lifestyles … due to any of the following: race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and/or cultural background. Types of residential incidents include ongoing and unproductive culturally based arguments between roommates, disagreements between floor members over ‘political’ material posted on their room doors, etc.

This would make every war in the history of civilization against the rules*. Why have a Nuremberg tribunal when you can have a campus grievance committee?
*Come to think of it, maybe this is another facet of the dastardly anti-war movement at work. Genius!


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