Hack job

The Guardian’s profile of Arnold Schwarzenegger begins thusly:

He is a barely articulate, pumped-up bodybuilder with a cupboard full of skeletons. But could it be that Arnold Schwarzenegger was always destined for a career in politics? And if he becomes governor of California next month, is the White House next?

Poor Arnold. I guess he can kiss goodbye to all his UK voters.
(via Tim Blair)
UPDATE: Jacob Sullum says that Arnold may be a closet libertarian. Let’s hope.



  1. JK

    The Guardian shows its ignorance of the US constitution.
    One of the most widely known facts about the constitution, particularly right now, is that you have to be a native-born American to stand for President.
    Arnold can never be eligible.
    Don’t they have anyone over at the Grauniad who knows anything about the US?

  2. JK

    Update: In another article about Arnie’s candidacy, the Guardian can’t even manage to spell ‘Maria Shriver’ correctly.