Random Antipodean notes part 2

* You’ve heard of the Pirandello play, “Six Characters In Search Of An Author”? Canberra could easily be nicknamed, “Sixty Suburbs In Search Of A City”.
*Kingsley’s Chicken beats KFC like a cheap carpet.
*People really do say “no worries” and “good on ya” here.
* A bagel is not a bagel the world ’round. Went to a very nice bagel shop in Dickson, where I was served a delightful roast beef sandwich on a poppyseed bagel. The alleged bagel was a soft deli-style roll with poppyseeds on top, lacking the chewiness and doughiness of a real NYC-style bagel. Very fresh and tasty, but alas, not a bagel.
*All that stuff you read on other Ozblog sites about the ABC being liberally biased? It’s true. I had to repress the urge to throw something at the TV when I heard a report on the last two Jews in Iraq, who had been rescued and taken to Israel. The reporter mentioned en passant that at one point there were aws many as 130,000 Jews in Iraq, but in the 40’s and 50’s they’d, quote, “made their way to Israel”, unquote.
Sure. Just made their way. Of their own free will. They just ambled over the desert away from their ancestral homes because, well they just felt like it was time for a change of scenery. Being exiled at the point of a gun had absolutely nothing to do with it.
*I have absolutely no idea what is happening during Australian Rules Football, but I really, really like their uniforms: short-shorts and tank tops. And George Gregan, captain of the Rugby Union Wallabies (national team), is exceedingly cute.
*Another first-rate beer is James Squire Amber Ale.



  1. Rob

    Sounds like you really enjoyed your trip down here!
    I am so glad that you didn’t slag off at Adelaide – my old home. When compared with Sydney and Melbourne is a bit of a big country town but at least it is better than Canberra!!!
    Next time you come try and check out the Perth – Darwin – Cairns – Brisbane route. You think we speak funny down south mate wait till you cop an earful of North Queensland speak 🙂
    Good on ya!