Better him than me!

Greg Yardley has set up Commiewatch, a site that, as advertised keeps tabs on the Communist left in America. Big job he’s picked out for himself, but he seems to be handling it quite nicely. Go and check him out.



  1. Frankenstein

    The only people who think that Communists have had any kind of political capital in the US since the late 1940s (the Green and Reform parties, both as full of raving loons as they are, are far more politically powerful than the Communists) are rabid frothing socialists who’ve never left a university campus or rabid frothing reactionaries who see a pinko commie plot in the fluoridation of water.
    Then, of course, there are the folk who simply call anyone who disagrees with them “Communist”. The phrases “intellectually dishonest”, “pathalogical liars”, and “profoundly cowardly” come to mind…