Going south for the winter

Well I’ve already done that, but we’ve been even further south for the past three days. Adelaide is quite a lovely city, smaller than Sydney and cosier and more centralized than Canberra. I was very taken with the old storefronts which look like sets for an old Western.
On Friday we were picked up by the cheerful and knowledgeable Werner Gattemayr of Barossa Experience Tours, who drove us about an hour out of the city into the too-gorgeous-for-words Barossa Valley. The order of the day was wines, wines and more wines. Werner was patient and indulgent of wine neophytes like us, and my silly comments like “this Grenache really kicks ass”, or “it tastes like a cigar smells”. Of the five wineries we visited (out of more than 50 in the region), the most consistently excellent were St. Hallett and Langmeil, although Peter Lehman made the only blush wine that I not only adored, but would not be embarrassed to serve wine-snob friends. Needless to say, much of the day was spent in a most delightful semi-blitzed state.

we went and trolled about town for a few hours (The State Opera of South Australia is premiering Jake Heggie’s Dead Man Walking), and then were joined by the redoubtable Scott Wickstein for a tour of the town of Hahndorf, which is almost like a German-theme park in the Adelaide Hills. It features a world-class German restaurant and pub, the German Arms, where thanks to reader Gary Gravett, we enjoyed far too much Teutonic food and beer.
It’s been a great few days. Melbourne, ho!


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  1. Michael Jennings

    I think the Clare valley (a little further north) is even more beautiful than the Barossa, personally. This is particularly true if you drive into it from Burra in the next valley. You go over a ridge, and there is this glorious sunlit valley fully of vineyards. Absolutely gorgeous.
    In the Barossa, I found Lehman to be the friendliest of the big wineries, which was quite saying something.