This idjit again

Remember José Bové? Yes, the idiotarian par excellence who is famous for razing McDonalds’, vandalizing genetically modified crops, is now reduced to lashing out at the imperialist American hegemon by sabotaging bicycle races:
Demonstrators supporting jailed farmers’ union leader Jose Bove stopped Tour de France leader Lance Armstrong in his tracks during the 136.4-mile 10th stage to Marseille on Tuesday.
The small group of protestors sat down in the middle of the road as the peloton approached, some 43 miles from the finish in Marseille.
Police moved in quickly to drag them out of the way and the bunch continued after a delay of two minutes.
An escape group of nine lowly placed riders had already built up a lead of around 20 minutes.

(Via Pejman)


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  1. John Anderson

    That José Bové creep was also found guilty of stealing GM seed from the field he claimed he claimed contaminated his crop and trying to use it for himself. Wonderful fellow, an example for/of Greens everywhere.