food companies wheel out a secret weapon: Girl Scouts

We are all familiar with the sudden emergence of lawsuits against fastfood companies that clam that it’s entirely the food company’s fault that their customer’s are obese; that the customers themselves have no responsibility for their own conditions.
To fight back, the food companies, acting through the Center for Consumer Freedom of Washington, DC, have begun airing 30-second
television commercials on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC (and will run ads soon on radio), that use humor to counter these lawsuits.
For example one ad features a trial lawyer cross-examining a defendant, saying, “So you sold my client these chocolate chips – and look – no warning label on the box. Just pretty pictures.” The lawyer continues, “You make them taste good, don’t you?” The defendant, a doe-eyed, 7-year-old Girl Scout, replies, “I guess so.”
The point, says the center, is that as trial lawyers go to the extremes with these obesity-related lawsuits, that the Girl Scouts are “next on the chopping block.”
In case you haven’t kept up, in addition to the lawsuits against McDonald’s, the Seattle Public Schools now face a lawsuit for allowing middle and high school students to drink soft drinks in school.

Via: Bonehead