A bargain at twice the price!

I just got an Email from Opinion Journal inviting me to a seminar, “An Inside Look at The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page And OpinionJournal.com.” If I were in New York I would certainly attend, as it sounds fascinating. But for a financial publication, the WSJ is curiously reluctant to discuss money(emphases mine):
Our event will be held in the newly expanded Harvard Club, 27 West 44th Street. Admission is per person, which includes a copy of “The Wall Street Journal Portfolio of Business Cartoons”, a compilation of the best business cartoons published by the Journal in the past 50 years (a value)

Well, for that price, I’ll invite a couple of friends!



  1. Terry Reynolds

    Sasha – I got the same email and have the same question. I’m going to call a friend at WSJ and get a price. I’ll let you know.
    Best, Terry Reynolds

  2. Terry Reynolds

    Sasha – Update! I just spoke to Tony Lee, the person arranging the aforementioned WSJ seminar, and he told me they caught the mistake and will be sending out another email today. BTW, the “per person” cost to attend will be $149.
    Best, Terry Reynolds