Christian socialists attack!

“What does the Bible have to do with tax policy? For Alabama Gov. Bob Riley, a lot. [He] has created a new convergence of faith and politics. Citing his Christian faith, he’s calling for a $1.2 billion tax hike, largely on the backs of wealthier taxpayers, for the benefit of the poor. It’s all adding up to the largest increase in the state’s history, and perhaps the first based on the Bible.”
Is there any Biblical justification for lowering taxes? Is there anything in the Bible that encourages Christians not be to statists?
This from a site promising ‘A Look at Politics from a Christian Constitutionalist Perspective.’ Christian? As in, ‘disciple of Christ?’ Surely Im not the only person that somehow doubts Jesus would go around referring to people as ‘faggots.’ Constitutionalist? …. It would appear as though the people raising such Cain over this issue are neither Christian nor Constitutionalists, theyre simply Statist tyrants who have no compunction about letting you and I foot the bill for their various legalist ‘crusades’ to shape the State in their own image.”
Via Rational Review
Update: John Venlet has responded to my challenge and its producing a series on Christianity and libertarianism. Anyone who headlines a post: God Is An Anarcho-Capitalist is fine by me.



  1. John V

    In answer to your question if there is anything in the Bible that encourages Christians not to be statists I say the answer is yes. Take a look at my post on this here:
    The post does not specifically address the tax question, but I would argue that what I’ve referenced in the above post would justify not paying taxes also.
    Those who believe in God, if they really looked hard at themselves, rather than others, would take the lessons taught in my post to heart and truly be free.
    John V – In search of liberty