INS agents and transvestite lap dancers

Martin Bernheimer reviews some claptrap called (I kid you not) “Vera Of Las Vegas”. He gives it the skewering it apparently deserves, but manages to muster a kind word for FoS Dillon McCartney.



  1. Daron Aric Hagen

    That “claptrap” happens to be the third opera by Daron Hagen and Paulo Muldoon. Paul is a Pulitzer Prize Winner and Daron’s operas are some of the few frequently revived in this country. Touchy me for spending nine months writing a piece you call claptrap!!!

  2. Fred Heim

    I saw Hagen and Muldoon’s opera and thought it one of the most innovative, moving and beautiful music theater works I’ve seen in the past ten years. McCartney was superb, yes, but he was given that superb material by Muldoon (whose poetry rivals Auden’s) and by Hagen (who is very much the heir of Bernstein in the operatic sphere).